5 Free Online Video Games for 2012 / Best Games of 2011 List

So I thought this would be a nice gift for any of my video game followers out there! Some people are die hard video game fans and love to play for hours and hours each day. And clearly the economy has prevented a large number of people from buying any major systems like Wii, PlayStation 3 or XBox 360 but they still need to get their game on somehow. And than there are people like me, I’m not a huge video game freak but I’m a guy… not to mention most of my time is devoted to my personal projects or the blog so it’s nice to get a break from all of that, and play a quick game or two. Well here are 5 sights for the new year where you can get your game on… for FREE!

1. ijji’s Alliance of Valiant Arm’s… if your into playing other people online and you like war/ fighting games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Battlefield 3, than this is for you! ijji is a free multi player game portal website and this is only one of there games you can choose from. If you decide to download it and give it a try, don’t forget to add me as a buddy… TheReelAcedotcom is my ijji ID. And note, if you don’t have a good Internet connection than don’t waste your time downloading this, not to say you need the best connection but good and stable, you don’t want to be disconnected time and time again… which reminds me, you do need to update this game every once in awhile and sometimes it can take a little while but this isn’t any different than games on PS3 or other systems and games that have good quality graphics.

2. Now CandyStand.com is a site I have used for years… I think since middle school. Unlike my first pick, CandyStand has a large number of new and updated games for you to pick from like arcade games, sports, puzzles or racing… they have something for everyone. Between this is and AVA (above), it’s a tight battle for the top 2 positions.

3.  AddictingGames.com is another website that has a large selection of games and the title pretty much sums them up… Addictive… specially this Curve Ball game!!!

4. Another website with a wide variety of games to pick from, FreeArcade.com
has more simple and basic games like my throwback favorite Javanoid! If
you like games from the 80’s and 90’s, than there is a good chance you’ll find something on here for you.


5. F.E.A.R. Combat is another action packed fighting game for you to
play against other people on the world wide Internet for free. This has
been out for a number of years now, so I’m not sure if their still making major updates but it’s still worthy of being listed since they kind of made the path to newer games like AVA.


So Happy Holidays, and I hope you find this list beneficial next time you need to take a quick break from your work and want to have a little fun.

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