Incredible Speech By Wall Street Protester “End The Fed” 2011 VIDEO

Incredible Speech By Wall Street Protester “End The Fed” 2011  VIDEO… definitely check this out whether you believe all this protesting should be done or not, I feel like a video like this might influence your  view a bit. Just a normal citizen speaking from the heart about our government and our country. Now clearly I’m not an economy specialist but it’s clear we aren’t in a good position at all. Check this out… it’s actually even going on in Boston right now. I was thinking of going down there and getting some footage but we’ll see, I got some more blogging and editing to do… check this out for now “When I fuck up who bails me out? Know One! Why should Goldman Sachs be bailed out?” And of course they should get some help, just as we deserve it, but when they’ve already received a crazy amount and are looking for more… I dont know. I’m sure there are more great videos out there but here’s a new one I just came across, check it out~

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