FreeSol Ft. Justin Timberlake “Role Model” Official Music Video

FreeSol Ft. Justin Timberlake “Role Model” Official Music Video… so it’s been a little while since we’ve heard something new from Justin Timberlake, well here he is basically introducing his artist FreeSol. Now recently we’ve seen Chris Brown trying to get into the whole rapping thing and now in this… yes, Justin raps… and with autotune. I don’t knock people expanding their wings and doing more than one craft, but damn… it seems like every singer wants to be a rapper these days. I think I heard DJ Premier saying something about Justin Bieber wanting to be on the BET Rap Cypher hah… I think this would have been better if Justin didn’t have the autotune… and possibly rapping. Not that it was horrible but he can clearly sing, don’t lose points trying to rap~

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