Lebron James McDonalds Monopoly Commercial / LOL/ Nike LeBron 9 Shoe

Lebron James McDonalds Monopoly Commercial… LOL, this is probably the first time I’ve seen LeBron James actually make fun of himself. Yea you know that statement he said about winning 7 NBA Championships… yeaaa watch this hah. But that’s the thing, clearly his manager or whoever helps guide him and his professional decisions knew what they doing when they agreed to do this. Business 101, sometimes you just gotta roll with the flow and have fun. Older and getting more mature everyday, we’re seeing him grow for the better here… not to mention he’s probably getting a crazy amount of money for this.

NIKE LeBron 9 Signature Shoe… Anddd you gotta remember LeBron just released his new shoe, NIKE LeBron 9 Basketball Shoe.. so I’m not surprised in the timing of the release of the McDonalds commercial. Check out this debut video, with LeBron and some of the designers speaking about the shoe…its kinda dope~

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