Cee Lo Green on American Dad Preview Video/ “Dip A Toe” “Hot Tube of Love”

So here is the season premiere of American Dad guest starring Cee Lo Green as the singing hot tub. I was never really an American Dad fan but if they’re all like this, I might have to try and get it in my schedule. Basically a musical, they actually had a part that reminded me of those R Kelly and Sparkle/ Ron Isley records where they would be singing conversations. I thought it was pretty good, check out the preview…”Dip a Toe”… my new jam lmao… Listen to it HERE hah

Francine said “I’m gonna take a quick deuce and then put on your favorite bikini” LOL.

Alright here’s the official clip from the episode of “Hot Tube of Love” – “Steve and Roger “Daddy’s Gone”


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