JTRONIUS “SpaceCadillacinmyCaliRide” Official Music Video

JTRONIUS “SpaceCadillacinmyCaliRide” Official Music Video…Umm whatttt!! This is dope right here, I always imagined the big homies vocals behind a video like this… but definitely wasn’t thinking a cartoon. I’m really diggin this. Produced by Roycee Music, if you know me you know I love my funky soulful music… I Continue Reading

Street Status “Err Day” Official Music Video

Street Status “Err Day” Official Music Video… The Real Soulja Boy and Shizzie just dropped this new video, some gritty heat right here. Relatively new to me, I posted one of their previous joints a little while back… and matter of fact, Soulja Boy just dropped a new mixtape… check Continue Reading