Supastar LT ft Ace Hood “Red Carpet” Official Music Video / GNELLZ of MOVESMITHS

Supastar LT ft Ace Hood “Red Carpet” Official Music Video… this is a hot video that my partner in crime hooked up for LT and Ace Hood. Just that celebratory party music, Gnellz made this video into a movie! This is what MOVESMITHS can do for your music videos! This was actually shot a while back, but the final product never came out looking right.. until MOVESMITHS got a hold of it hah. What more do I need to say, I’ll let the video do the speaking~

 We would rather film and edit the video that way we have better control of the raw footage and can actually compose a story within the video, but as you can see, we can edit footage you send us. To have your music video produced by MOVESMITHS email us today!!
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