The Lonely Island ft. Snoop Dogg “Turtleneck and Chain” / ‘Turtleneck and Chain’ Album

The Lonely Island ft. Snoop Dogg “Turtleneck and Chain”… a brand new record that you know is gonna have everyone talking about it within the matter of days. Lonley Island is maddd funny, and you know Snoop be getting it in. I just mentioned Snoop in a post about Soul Plane, but than you cant forget his unforgettable role in Half Baked lol. Yeaa this will be another hit for The Lonely Island, I wonder when their going to drop the official music video??  Probably somewhat soon since its off of their sophomore album ‘Turtleneck & Chain’, which is due out on May 10. LOL these dudes are hilerious hah.. but I don’t know, you think this is better than their records with T-Pain or Akon?!?
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