Devin the Dude ft. the Coughee Brothaz “Anythang”, ” Bust One for Ya”, “I Just Wanna” EXCLUSIVE Live Performance Official Video *NEW / the Western Front with Leedz Edutainment

Devin the Dude ft. the Coughee Brothaz “Anythang” (some folks think it’s Anything, it aint), ” Bust One for Ya” and “I Just Wanna” Exclusive Live Performance Official Video took place over at the Western Front with Leedz Edutainment. And as you can clearly see, Leedz AND Devin hooked it up giving me access to his performances and a quick drop shortly after the show. But enough talking, here’s an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO just for y’all!.. I’m about to also post it on my YouTube page but as of now, THE REEL ACE BLOG, or the Reel Ace Vimeo page, are the only place’s you can see it ~ So kick back, relax and light one up for my tokers… if that’s not your thing, thats cool, you can enjoy it too… and keep the kids out the room for this one LMAO, no porn or anything but you know… hooks these days LOL~

I’ve meet up with Devin a few times now, and being one of my favorite artist/ entertainers… I was lucky to have him sign my Limited Edition LP on Green Vinyl Hand Numbered #420 ‘Suite #42’… unwrapped and all. Not a cd folks, a record, the real deal baby. Yea Devin’s the man, just a cool, fun and real dude.


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