Austin Brown ‘Austin 85’ Official Video Trailer / ‘Album 85’ / Michael Jackson’s Nephew

Austin Brown ‘Austin 85’ Official Video Trailer …is dope. That’s all I would say had I heard of him before this. I mean I thought I was in the loop with my music and all but after hearing this is Michael Jackson’s nephew, I’m really surprised I never heard of him before this. He’s about to drop his first album called ‘Album 85’, and with the help of Tom DeSanto, the producer of Transformers and X-Men, we get this dope introduction… well sorta. He did drop one single already… I’ll throw up a separate post for that in a few. For now, imagine Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or “Smooth Criminal” videos and just think how dope they would have been with today’s technology… well you don’t really need to do that anymore, check this out… dancing, some singing and cool graphics and special effects… this is the next Jackson generation~

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