Amputee demonstrates new bionic hand Video / Termanotor the movie / Amazing Technology Is Here

Amputee demonstrates new bionic hand Video… wow this is just amazing. When I first saw this I thought of the movie ‘the Terminator’, when Arnold Schwarzenegger had the robotic arm. But this isn’t a movie and clearly this is a real human like you and I. We’ve dreamed about this amazing technology for so many years and its here. Patrick,a 24-year-old Austrian, decided to have his dysfunctional hand amputated and replaced with a bionic hand. He lost the use of his left hand after being electrocuted at work. Here he demonstrates the extra movement his new bionic hand has given him,opening a bottle and tying his shoelaces,and tests a prototype hand which will give him additional wrist movement.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘the Terminator’ with his Robot Arm.
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