Matt Clark ft. Tayyib Ali “H.I.G.H.” Official Record

Matt Clark ft. Tayyib Ali “H.I.G.H.” Official Music Video… dropped at the beginning of April but it’s just getting thrown to my attention the other day. I apologize on the late posts (this and bunch of others) since yesterday was 420 I was alittle occupied 🙂 I mean I did throw up a post about Socom4 which is tighhttt if you have playstation 3… but aside from that one post, yeaaa you get my drift. So today I’ll be putting out a bunch of post that were meant to drop yesterday… this would of been perfect! But I’ll give you a heads up… I’m gonna be throwing this on my top 420 blazin list … haven’t fine tuned the name, maybe I’ll roll with that!?! But yeaa I don’t think I’ve heard too many of Matt Clark’s records, this and maybe one or two others.. but he’s not too bad. Tayyib Ali has been gettin it in for a little while now and I know he can spit~

And whether or not you want to call this Frat Rap or Hip Hop (which most people will since the beat is from
an Asher Roth record) I think they spittin about something most of us love… so forget any drama, any of that ‘make your own ish’… everyone samples, everyone uses other artist beats and make remixes. I’m not saying its right or wrong, I’m just saying this is normal these days. Take this for what it is, love it or hate it, its not changing lol… spespeciallyhat intro… yeaa boiiii How High hah~
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