Facebook Art … or should I say procrastination/ Art / Business

Facebook is great… but if company logos could speak I think facebooks would say something like, ‘Procrastination’… although facebook can also be very helpful  with your business or spreading awareness about a particular project. I’ll have a post on that pretty soon… but for now continue using facebook as a Continue Reading

This Day In History; April 16th / Hallucinogenic effects of LSD found /

This Day In History; Hallucinogenic effects of LSD were discovered back in1943… yupp hah, some scientist “accidentally” took some hahahah. You know he was like, ‘so to my calculations, I’m gonna have the time of my life if I take x amount’ lol OR he really did take some by Continue Reading

R. Kelly “When a Woman Loves” Live Performance / Dutch version ‘X-Factor’

R. Kelly sings ‘When a woman loves’ live at the Dutch version of the TV show ‘X-Factor’. And I think he’s finally believing in his own words, ‘I believe’ and conquering his fear of flying, going overseas to the Netherlands. Yea I don’t care what any of y’all want to Continue Reading