Anjuli Stars performance and interview video 2011/ Produced by Ju Santana and Dante Luna / Boston Renaissance / Download Starvation Vol 1 Mixtape

The Miami based artist Anjuli Stars has been one of them kinda quiet artist, that has slowly been making big impressions. I first heard Anjuli a few years ago and she already seemed to have everything in place the beautiful looks, rapping skills, and crazy singing ability, but the best part is that she’s still as fun and humble as the best of em. 
Anjuli recently performed live at Westend Johnnies, in Boston, Massachusetts. With Ju Santana and Mr. Dante Luna capturing the event, and getting an exclusive interview, I’m glad they were their to give her the proper respect she deserves. Similar to Anjuli Stars, Ju Santa Productions and JND Productions, are starting to make a name for themselves among the premier video production companies in Massachusetts.
As I already mentioned, I’m glad Ju and Dante were there to capture this event, but you also gotta shout out to Justin Springer and Joy Daniels for all of their efforts too, and anyone else that helped make this possible.
But check the video, she performs hits off of ‘Starvation’ Vol.1 Mixtape, which you can download for FREE right HERE! While your downloading the mixtape, watch the video! Anjuli is a problem! If your looking for a talented female rap artist, well here you go. Check out the record “The One” off of the mixtape, she’s a beast. Meanwhile, shes singing the hooks and everything in between. Yeaa shes nice with it, just picture Lauryn Hill with Alicia Keys and some Jennifer Lopez… yea thats a nice thought right! Hah well check out Anjuli Stars… thank me later 😉
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