Adele “Chasing Pavements” Official Music Video / One of the best music videos

Adele is one talented artist. Yea I’m talking about the British singer, she can sing her butt off and I’m not sure if she writes all of her own material, hope so, but if not, she’s made this particular song into her own.”Chasing Pavement” is absolutely inspiring and well produced. And than I saw this music video… wow. I honestly think this is one of the best music videos. Creative, beautiful and inspiring, this video was perfect for this record. So hats off to Director Mathew Cullen and Producer Anna Joseph for their efforts. And of course you gotta credit Eric Schmidt as DP and Lenny Messina for editing!

If your one of my usual visitors on here your probably like, Adele?!? But than again, you’d also know I have a broad taste when it comes to my music. But even if you generally only listen to rap or hip hop, check out this music video… I’ve noticed a lack of creativity in most rap music videos, lets step up folks hah.

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