Reks, Omega Red, Lucky Dice and No Doz – “You Know I’m Nice” New Video Upload / Video Produced by Adam Ace Spencer

So I recently uploaded a better quality version of the first music video I produced and directed. It was back in 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts. The record was called “You Know I’m Nice” featuring some of Boston’s/ Massachusetts most talented rappers.
Check out the Official Music Video for “You Know I’m Nice”!

“You Kow I’m Nic
Reks, O’Mega Red, Luck Dice, No Doz
Produced by Anti Star Production
Video Filmed by G.Nellz and Adam Ace Spencer
Directed and Produced by Adam Ace Spencer

After producing this video I decided to hold off on music video’s until I got a better quality camera and some additional equipment to have a more professional appearance. I think this came out really good considering there wasn’t a story/ plan or top of the line equipment on hand. We kinda went with the flow, having a good time kicking it, drinkin and what not! 
This was a great experience for me. I meet a number of other artist and producers, and actually learned a great deal about the process of running the show… sorta speak. The video looks pretty good considering it was basically a last minute decision. I had literally landed from Tampa, rushed home to get my equipment and ran into the city. I didn’t even know dude’s filmed a little behind the scenes video, check it out here!


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