Eminem Chrysler Super Bowl 45 Commercial/ Chrysler 200/ 2011/ Detroit Love

Eminem and Chrysler came together for one of the best commercials during Super Bowl 45. The commercial was advertising the Chrysler 200 vehicle while the main theme of the ad was basically about the pride, passion and strength that lies within the Detroit community; it was about how great Detroit is. And with Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” playing in the background, I think this commercial was easily one of the best commercials during the Super Bowl. 


 And this wasn’t the only time we’d see Eminem during Super Bowl 45, there was another tight Eminem commercial with Lipton Brisk Iced Tea. I like the effects in the Brisk commercial but the meaning behind the Chrysler commercial… I like em both! And its said the commercials cost around $3-million per 30 seconds… so you know both of these companies paid crazy money with Eminem in the mix!
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