Black Milk Show and Interview/ The Restless Mind with Marlene Boyette/ J Dilla Tribute in Boston/ Produced by G Nellz of Movesmiths

The number of talented artist out there that so many “real” rap and hip hop fans haven’t heard of is crazy. And it’s not to make it out as if I know about every ill artist out there, cause I’m really know different, as I continue hearing about new talent everyday. But with that said, this post was primarily supposed to be about Black Milk, but as I began writing I realized, all three of the individuals mentioned in this post are talented and extremely worthy of your attention…

The Restless Mind is a blog that was created by Hip Hop Enthusiast/ Freelance Writer, Marlene Boyette. As I was just saying above, there are sooo many talented artist out there, there’s no way MTV or BET are gonna be able to showcase all of ’em… not to mention the politics going on behind scenes. So it’s definitely great to have different websites and blogs that can help bring these underground and less famous artist, to our attention. 
Now Miss Boyette was lucky enough to meet up with Black Milk, who was an understudy to the late great J Dilla. Black Milk’s first performance ever in Boston was also the night of the anniversary date of the untimely death of Dilla, making this moment even more special, and definitely worth capturing. If you missed it, your in luck… Here’s the actual post from The Restless Mind.
G.Nellz of MOVESMITHS L.L.C, was the man behind the camera capturing the evening. Not only did he film Black Milks performance, but he also got that exclusive interview footage of Marlene Boyette and Black Milk. With alittle time and hard work put in at the computer, he hooked up this ill video! 
Check it out, Black Milks first ever performance in Boston/ Tribute to the legendary J Dilla!

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