Barton Road Pictures/ Winter 2011/ After Snow Storm/ Canon 7D Photo Test 1/ Ace Pics

So I’ve had my hands on the Canon 7D for a few weeks now. I already made one post with test video footage, but the 7D is technically meant for photography, which is why I think the best way to have a full understanding of the camera and all of its features, is to experiment and practice. With the snow just hitting us up here in New England, I figured, why not get some practice right after getting hit~
Here are some pictures of my neighborhood, Barton Road, which is a housing complex in Wellesley, Massachusetts, during this beautiful winter wonderland. Although conditions aren’t always fun to drive in, or having to shovel your walkway is “too much” at times, there’s still so much beauty within it. 



Being my first photo test, I decided to upload the original photographs… no Photoshop here.
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