Ace Pics/ Self Picture and Edit / Canon 7D Photo Test/ 2

So this morning I was up pretty early getting some work done. Than when I was supposed to be taking a break from work and cleaning up the apartment, I decided to mess around with the camera. I took a few photos of myself in the living room using my DIY Monitor which I’m gonna make a video tutorial for in the very near future. 
But anyway, I only took a few pictures. While looking at the photo’s it finally crossed my mind that I never actually mess with any of the photos I’ve taken. I haven’t taken too many but the ones I’ve taken were the raw pictures from the 7D. So I decided to mess with the picture above. Nothing crazy, I did em relatively quickly and easily. Although photography is different than video, they are also similar in many ways. Check ’em out!
I think I like this one the most~
~Not sure about this one
I also like this one!
And here’s the original version without any effects (I might of toyed with the contract or levels but I don’t think so)~

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