The Best Real Hip Hop Tracks for 2011 from Chris Faraone/ The Boston Phoenix

January 2011 – Week 1


Chris Faraone is one of the premier Rap and Hip Hop writers in New England, currently writing for The Boston Phoenix among a few other publications, he recently compiled a list of the 100 best “no bs” hip hop tracks of 2010. I’m personally about to release my 100 best “pump up” or “gym” songs for 2011, and one other treat as well… but no best Hip Hop list for me. After seeing Chris’s list, I honestly didn’t even feel like I was worthy of creating my own. There were maddd songs on this list that I thought were ill and just hearing em for the first time… not a whole bunch, but more than a handful, which is too many…
And its not to say I couldn’t think of a few hip hop tracks that I’d switch cause I definitely could, but because of the whole “no bs” notion, I’m gonna rock with Faraone’s list. It really is an ill list. You got artist from all over, legendary cats and new upcoming dudes, dudes that are ill with punch lines while others are more conscious. So with that said, check out Chris Faraone’s list of the 100 best “essential” hip hop tracks from 2010


ANd yeaa you’ll notice a handful of Boston artist like Slaine, M-Dot, Moe Pope, 7L & Esoteric, Akrobatik, Jaysaun, REKS, Termanology, Singapore Kane, and Frankie Wainwright among others… CHECK IT OUT~
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