Throwback Post/ “Win or Lose” by Mobb Deep/ Produed by The Alchemist/ Movesmiths LLC 2010

I’ve decided I’m gonna start a Throwback Post that will feature content that’s been out for at least two years. The Throwback Post will basically be a means of self expression based on my personal life and current situation, but threw other artist. I’ll generally only feature 1 song or video, but occasionally I may have more. It’s also not strictly limited to music, as there are plenty of other forms of self expression…andd it’s not strictly limited to Rap and Hip Hop either~

My first Throwback Post is a great inspirational song that gets you to feel good during those uncertain times. I literally just received my legal documents from Massachusetts legitimizing my company, MOVESMITHS, with three partners. Now of course I feel comfortable with my partners, otherwise we wouldn’t be starting a company together… but you still gotta question whats to come. Sometimes the biggest winners are the biggest losers, and vice versa…
Adam Ace Spencer and The Alchemist
“Win or Lose” by Mobb Deep sets the tone for the journey ahead of us. Produced by The Alchemist, this was one of the singles from Mobb Deep’s Amerikaz Nightmare album. 


But know matter how long it takes or what kind of obstacles I need to overcome, I’ll continue to do me… keep grindin… and thats what my partners are about too. Everyone involved with Movesmiths are more than partners, we’re basically brothers. My biggest issue has been trusting others and seeing who is truly there for me if I need a hand. I don’t question any of my brothers (blood or business hah) loyalty… I’m tellin you now… MOVESMITHS is just around the corner…
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