Welcome To Beantown

Welcome To Beantown Rap and Hip Hop Series Logo by Ace Spencer Featuring Edo G Termanology Slaine Dre Robinson Smoke Bulga REKS Lucky Dice Boston Massachusetts Leedz Edutainment Documentary music videos
Welcome To Beantown Rap and Hip Hop Series Logo by Ace Spencer Featuring Edo G Termanology Slaine Dre Robinson Smoke Bulga REKS Lucky Dice Boston Massachusetts Leedz Edutainment Documentary music videos

Welcome To Beantown Web-Series

Documentary Web Series on the Massachusetts Rap and Hip Hop Community

The official documentary web-series on the Massachusetts Rap and Hip Hop community! Exclusive interviews, behind the scene footage, and live performance video from artist and local figures from the music scene including Edo G, Statik Selektah, Cool Gzuz, Termanology, Letia Larok, Millyz, Mr Lif, City Slickers, Myster DL, Dana “Daneja” Bradley, DJ J Saki, Easy Money, Dre Robinson, N.B.S., Akrobatik, and Chris Faraone among others!

Edo G and Cool Gzuz Talk about the beginning of Rap and Hip Hop in Boston, Massachusetts



“O man, you gotta know your history. You know, a lot of these up and coming cats don’t know the history, they don’t know the legacy of hip hop. So for me you gotta know where it came from. You had the Almighty RSO which turned into the Made Men. You had Popeye and Spinach, GQ, Top Choice Click, Joint Ventures, TDS Mob. Actually TDS Mob was the first cats that I ever seen on BET. This is one of the pioneers from TDS Mob, Cool Gzuz. This record they had called “I don’t know what tise world is coming to” I seen that on Rap City. That was the first every joint that I seen from Boston and it inspired me to be as good as I could be. You had Gang Starr and Guru, the original Gang Starr with Mike Dee and all that. In the Mid-80’s there were a lot of great great artist that were coming out of Boston.” Edo G

Edo G Explains Three’s and Speaks about the “current” Boston Rap and Hip Hop community in 2012


“Three’s is a Boston thing. It came from Adidas. Run-D.M.C. made “My Adidas” and it just took Boston by storm. Back in the 80’s there was a place called Adidas Park, and if you walked past there with anything but Adidas they would take your sneakers off and they would hang them in the tree. And the tree was full of sneakers, Pumas, Nike’s. Nike was more New York and Adidas was that Boston ish and three’s just became the way you know, you handshake like this. It ain’t no Blood ish. It’s not no gang sign.” Edo G

Appearances from Chris “Stress” Tashjian, Dramatik, Letia Larok, Amadeus the Stampede, City Slickers, Myster DL


“The local hip hop scene is very diverse now. It’s growing into many different areas and is covering many different genres and cross genres. It’s a good mixture with a lot of things, especially I’m from Lawrence and there are lot of good people from Law. You have Reks, Krumbsnatcha, Termanology, 360 and of course Wolves, ST Da Squad. So you know, we’re brining our own very diverse flavor to the Massachusetts area but it’s a very diverse scene and its been growing for years so I think we’re ready to hit the main stage of what Hip Hop is going to be in the future.” Dramatik

Boston Unity Festival Appearances include Akrobatik, Millyz, Dre Robinson, Edo G, Mr Lif, N.B.S, Chris Faraone and more


“The Boston rapping scene is fucking budding with unbelievable talent. Its not like Boston rappers are not as good as some of the national rappers just because their not as famous, thats crazy. People have to understand that its really major record labels run by you know, white males who really don’t give a shit about exploiting a fucking, disastrous urban culture and putting absolute trash out there.” Chris Faraone

Termanology “Watch How It Go Down” Behind The Scenes and Dana “Danja” Bradley Interview


“We’re all supposed to be on the same team. So if one person is getting more shine than the other, instead of being supportive and waiting your turn,  everybody just wants to kinda hate on each other. People just aren’t supportive of each other. The minute a rapper, in my opinion, is doing his thing, there is another rapper in the corner waiting to steal his shine. Steal some rappers shine in Cali or something. There is enough to eat out here but I think people don’t really get it. Everybody wants somebody elses market instead of building their own.” Daneja of 617Live