STL GLD “Feels Like Home” Official Music Video featuring Dutch ReBelle, Tigerman WOAH, and Julie Rhodes

STL GLD Feels Like Home Music Video Boston Anthem Moe Pope The Arcitype Dutch Reblle Tigerman Woah julie rhodes massachusetts the record company project

To help get things started on this beautiful Boston Monday morning I thought I’d bless yall with this new STL GLD record and video “Feels Like Home” which has Boston written all over it. Almost taking it back to the first time that we all heard Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C., Moe Pope and producer The Arcitype made some magic on this rock n roll infused hip hop record. Featuring Dutch ReBelle on the second verse, we also get more of that Boston rock sound from Tigerman WOAH and Julie Rhodes throughout…

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“TRY HARD(ER)” Empowerment Documentary by Dante Luna

Dante Luna Try harder documentary at fenway park boston celtics comic con wrestler actors wwf wwe ninja turtles power rangers boston massachusetts usa empowerment

Boston video producer and filmmaker Dante Luna has blessed us with this dope empowerment documentary called TRY HARD (ER) which is meant to do exactly what it sounds like, to help motivate you to try harder. Building self-confidence is incredibly important if you want to be successful so Dante has interviewed various people including celebrities, actors, entertainers, indie filmmakers and politicians while continuing his journey of photographing all 50 states of the United States of America.   Thus far Dante has visited 37 states so this 80-minute documentary has tons of…

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“Pie” Future ft Chris Brown Official Music Video

Pie Music Video Future Chris Brown New Lit Rap Hip Hop RnB Dope

It’s Friday and I’ve been going hard this week with work so I most definitely need a break at some point this weekend which might also explain why I’m really feelin this new Future and  Chris Brown record “Pie”. This track is lit. And I usually have no problem with staying in and getting work done on a Friday night, or Saturday for that matter, but I’m getting out this weekend and you already know this is gonna be playing on that Spotify playlist. And yes, I’m also enjoying the video…

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Internet Video Marketing | Social Video Marketing Tips

Social video marketing tips for internet marketing strategies statistics 75 percent of internet traffic will be through from video content

While this video was technically created with all small business owners in mind, I think it’s fair to say that fitness professionals, trainers, and gym owners will be drawn to it the most based off of the video content used. I’ll be making a few more marketing videos that explain some of the marketing and video services that I offer but this is a good starting point. In 2017 and 2018 anyone with a website that wants to increase its chance to get more viewers should be using video content.…

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Draze Ft. D’Angelo “Ain’t Nobody Talking About No Real Shit” Official Music Video

Draze Aint Nobody Talking About no Real Shit featuring DAngelo Official Music Video New Black Conscious Rap and Hip Hop Music about black America 2017 under donald trump michael brown eric garner

And here is more dope new rap music for my friends that like to say that rap and hip hop music are dead and the culture is not as conscious as it used to be. This is what rap is built off of, music that speaks to the surrounding environment embodying the spirit of the people and experiences that make up our community as (black) Americans. This is the first time that I’m hearing about Draze but of course I’ve posted some soulful music from D’Angelo. This record is dope because Draze is clearly woke and…

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Smoke DZA and Pete Rock featuring Rick Ross “Black Superhero Car” Official Music Video

This is a crazy combination right here, production from legendary Pete Rock alongside Smoke DZA and Rick Ross – what!?! And I know some people are gonna be mad at cats for doing this but I personally think its dope. Not only is the track tight but it’s introducing younger heads to some living legends so I most definitely rock with it.

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Gang Starr ‘Step in the Arena’ Album Released 26 Years Ago Today

Time sure does fly. I’ll admittingly say that I was too young to understand or value Gang Starr when they came out with this 26 years ago but I’m awake today. ‘Step in the Arena’ was their second studio album and first major label debut thanks to Duff Marlowe who signed them to Chrysalis/ EMI. So if you are a fan of Kodak Black or Lil Uzi Vert, or any of these upcoming rappers doing their thing now, check out this record to see what helped to build and establish the…

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Russ “Manifest” Official Music Video

Some new heat from Russ, the title “Manifest” speaks for itself. It’s all about speaking an idea or concept into existence and making it a reality. I’m a big believer of following your heart, your intuition, and if you really believe it, talk the talk and walk the walk, it can happen. And I love that he showed his mother some appreciation for, well being his mom dukes. So respect to the homie Russ for the grind, and just continuing to help plant some seeds that could be helping to…

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Kyle Bent featuring Joyer Lucas “Deserve” Official Music Video

Kyle Bent and Joyner Lucas did their thing on the record “Deserve”. Massachusetts representing to the fullest, records like this make me proud to be a masshole considering all of the trash on the radio and on MTV coming from other parts of the country. Respect to these brothers, and for anyone looking for some new quality hip hop to add to your playlist in 2017, here you go.

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