No Malice “Fake News” Official Music Video | “So Woke” off of ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’

No Malice Fake News Music Video The Clipse Pusha T New

So these new record’s from Malice, or should I say No Malice,  has taken me back to the good old days with the Clipse. Still true to the game, No Malice and Pusha T were the truth and evidently, much hasn’t changed as you’ll hear on “Fake News” and “So Woke” which are off of the new album ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’. Watch the video for “Fake News” and listen to “So Woke” here.   Follow on Instagram No Malice ~ Ace Spencer

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Tyga ft. Pharell “Lil Homie” Official Record / ‘Careless World’

Tyga ft. Pharell “Lil Homie” Official Record… brand new heat off of Tyga’s new album ‘Careless World’, I’ll be honest, I never really listened to many of his records but this is tight. Now alittle while ago when I first heard it I was with a few other people and my initial reaction was ‘he sounds like one of the dudes from the Clipse’. Now Pharell did produce both records so maybe it’s a coincidence that I thought that, or maybe he does actually kind of sound like Malice or…

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