Russ “MVP” Official Music Video | ‘There’s Really A Wolf’ Album

Russ MVP Official Music Video watch here Theres really a wolf album

One of the handfuls of upcoming rappers that I respect is Russ who just dropped the official music video for “MVP” which is off of his debut album There’s Really A Wolf’s. He’s been underestimated time and time again but never gave up and continues grinding, slowly but surely making progress with records like this ~ Follow on Instagram Russ ~ Ace Spencer

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Russ “Manifest” Official Music Video

Some new heat from Russ, the title “Manifest” speaks for itself. It’s all about speaking an idea or concept into existence and making it a reality. I’m a big believer of following your heart, your intuition, and if you really believe it, talk the talk and walk the walk, it can happen. And I love that he showed his mother some appreciation for, well being his mom dukes. So respect to the homie Russ for the grind, and just continuing to help plant some seeds that could be helping to…

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