Trae the Truth “I’m on 3.0” Official Audio Record featuring T.I., Dave East, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Chamillionaire, E-40, and More

Trae Tha Truth Im On 3.0 T.I. Dave East Tee Grizzley Snoop Dogg Rick Ross G Eazy Styles P Mark Morrison Gary Clark Jr Fabolous Chamillionaire Dram curren$y

It’s not too often that you have one record full of so many big rappers but Trae the Truth was able to pull it off on “I’m On 3.0” where he literally has over 10 of the biggest stars in the rap and hip hop world. Trae pretty much got a rapper for everyone on here, from new school cats like Tee Grizzley and G-Eazy to legends like Snoop Dogg and E-40. On this one song you’ll hear Tae the Truth, T.I., Dave East, Tee Grizzley, Royce Da 5’9, Curren$y,  Big Baby…

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Dutch ReBelle “Stripper” featuring 6ixLayne and Prince Smooth Official Audio

Dutch Rebelle Stripper 6ixLayne Prince Smooth Music Video Official Audio Record New Boston Rap and HIp Hop music Lit New England Massachusetts Music Dope Fire Banger Future Magos

Happy Friday yall. Dutch ReBelle decided to bless us just in time for summer with this new heat. Featuring Boston rappers 6ixLayne and Prince Smooth, this is that record you have on blast tonight while you turn up with shorty or in the club getting lit. Well, tonight I’m supposed to be chillin with a little shorty I met the other night so I might have to get this playing to help set the tone for the evening ~ Follow on Instagram Dutch ReBelle ~ 6ixLayne ~ Prince Smooth ~ Welcome…

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Lecrae “Hammer Time” featuring 1k Phew Official Audio Record | Bay State Buccaneers Football Highlight Video

Lecrae Hammer Time 1k Phew official record audio listen here download buy hard lit too legit rap hip hop dope fun gym club intense

I love how this brother Lecrae goes harder than anyone else in the rap/hip hop world but without actually doing any coonery circus gimmicks and bs that many rappers are doing these days. In fact, he goes so hard that he just dropped this record called “Hammer Time” which features 1k PHEW and it’s a banger. I can definitely see this being used in a movie during a sports scene maybe an intense football or gym training session. It actually reminds me of this football highlight reel that I produced for the Brockton/…

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Bone Thugs ‘New Waves’ Bonus Track Edition – Mixtape/ Half of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs New Waves Bonus track edition album mixtape Bone Thugs N Harmony Stephen Marley Kaci Brown Uncle Murda Yella Wolf Eric Bellinger

I had a feeling there would be more new Bone Thugs music when I heard “If Heaven Had A Cellphone” featuring Tank but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. New Waves is Bone Thugs new Bonus Track Edition mixtape and similar to the Joyner Lucas mixtape that recently dropped, I feel like Bone Thugs should have made this into an album. From the opening record “Coming Home” featuring Stephen Marley, to “That Girl” featuring Kaci Brown, and “Change That Story” featuring Uncle Murda, it’s clear this mixtape isn’t meant for one…

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Gucci Mane featuring Chris Brown “Tone It Down” Official Audio Record

Gucci Mane Tone It Down Chris Brown Official audio record music video coming soon rap hip hop lit dope fresh summer hit 2017 june

Ayyyy. This new record from Gucci Mane “Tone It Down” is lit. Featuring Chris Brown I’m calling it now, this will be bumping at the top of the charts all summer. After Future’s hit record “Mask Off” blew up the charts with its catchy flute riff, Gucci Mane and Chris Breezy made sure to add a similar vibe to this record. It’s only 9:44 am and I want to turn up. Gucci’s been making it known that he’s out of prison and going pretty hard working with mad different rappers and producers over…

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Bilal “Fast Lane” Produced by Dr. Dre Official Record / Throwback Post

One of those classics that I love turning people onto, Bilal dropped the single “Fast Lane” over 10 years ago back in 2001 off of his debut album ‘1st born second’. Bilal has such a soulful voice that is so destinctive, I think he was perfect for this record. But it still amazes me that this track didn’t get more attention, even with Dr. Dre on the production. But the vocals, production and even the message, are all on point. This is good RnB my friends~ @Bilal @TheReelAce

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Flying Lotus “Do The Astral Plane” Official Record

Flying Lotus’ record “Do The Astral Plane” was released back in 2010 well over a year before I started this blog but after posting his new record “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar, I knew I had to get some more of his music up here. This is such a sick track that has a funky electronic west-coast vibe to it that will definitely put you in the zone. Honestly, there aren’t many producers out there like FlyLo… I don’t even want to ruin this track by trying to speak…

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Ben Howard “End of the Affair” Official Record/ ‘I Forgot Where We Were’

So I’m actually somewhat on top of my game with staying up to date with Ben Howard this time around. Last month he released “End of the Affair” a single off his new album “I Forgot Where We Were” which is actually coming out on my birthday, October 20th. This record is refreshingly natural and authentic. Between the lyrics (at least from what I can make out) and the instruments, this song is beautiful while still kind of sad. It’s one of those love-hate situations, I hate it because I’ve…

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Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar “Never Catch Me” Official Record/ ‘You’re Dead!’ Album

Wow, Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar is a combination that I never expected or really even thought of for that matter, but one that is most definitely overdue.”Never Catch Me” is off of Flying Lotus’ new album ‘You’re Dead!’ and it will certainly help FlyLo get some well deserved attention since he’s been doing his thing for awhile now. He’s well known within the underground rap/ experimental scene but hasn’t really made it on a mainstream level. I’m not surprised since the commercial rap and hip hop sound is the…

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