This Day In History; President Lincoln was Shot, First NBA Game, TIGER TIGER WOODS YALL~

This Day In History; April 14th~ President Lincoln was shot… so this is my first ‘This Day In History’ Post, but its great that it fell on such an important and significant American’s day of remembrance. It does truly allow someone like myself to reflect on how things could be Continue Reading

North Atlantic Take Over / N.A.T.O. / “DA EAST IS BAK” / East Coast Super Rap Group

We know of the super rap group Slaughterhouse and how they got rappers from all over the country, and there’s also Boston’s super group, Special Teamz… but what about a super group from the East? Aside from N.A.T.O. I don’t know of any others. North Atlantic Take Over just released Continue Reading

Masta Ace and EDO G/ Little Young Music Video/ Rap Intervention/ Arts & Entertainment

I previously spoke about an interview I read with Jay Z giving props to Boston’s legendary, EDO G, which I thought was important, since so many new artist; dont know their local rap and hip hop history, and forget what quality music is about. Check out the video, Little Young… Continue Reading

ILL BIll/ “White Nigger”?/ Van Stylez/ La Coka Nostra

Van Stylez and I were able to meet up with Ill Bill of super-group La Coka Nostra (alongside Boston’s Slaine, Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal), after his performance at the Worcester Palladium. Clearly passionate about his music, he explains why he decided to come up with the controversial record Continue Reading

Jets Coach Trips Player/ Miami’s Nolan Carroll / Assistant coach Sal Alosi/ Jets suck

Two days ago I wrote a post about Boston sports… how great it is to be apart of such a rich tradition. I mentioned how other states and teams fail to have the same chemistry we have as fans, as well as players and organizations. Well the timing was great… Continue Reading