LeBron James is the Only Player to Average a Triple-Double in the NBA Finals | Golden State Warriors Win 2016-2017 NBA Championships

LeBron James First Player to Average a Triple Double in NBA Finals Cleveland Cavs Golden State Warriors 2017 28 points 29 39 41 31 FIRST PLAYER NBA FINALS SERIES HISTORY FACTS ESPN FOX SPORTS NEWS record Michael Jordan

I am a Michael Jordan fan but I’m continuing to sway towards LeBron James as he continues to prove himself playing against teams like the Golden State Warriors. Now that Golden State has won the 2017 NBA Championships over the Cleveland Cavaliers I think most people are going to say the discussion and debate over Jordan vs James is over. Well, I’d disagree and say things are only heating up. I’ll do a post comparing the two now that the season is over but one key difference between LeBron James and…

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The Vault Lifestyle Boutique, Massachusetts New Sneakershop on The Block/ Exclusive Basketball Shoes and More

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Interested in Buying Shoes from The Vault Lifestyle Boutique? Now You Can Learn More About Their Shoes Here! And don’t forget to mention that you want that ‘Ace’ hookup! So I’ve been meaning to write this post for a minute now, but big shout out to Scott over at The Vault Lifestyle Boutique up in Lynn. Here in Massachusetts, people would most likely only think of Boston or Cambridge when it comes to finding a spot with custom Nike or Jordan basketball shoes, but The Vault is starting to change…

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Vince Carter is the Best Dunker EVER/ Throwback Post

Vince Carter is easily one of the BEST dunkers in Basketball… whether your talking during a contest or in-game dunks, Carter has always been among the best. Now some might argue LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Gerald Green or legends like Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins or even Julius “Dr. J” Erving are better than Carter, to them I say… good try, but there isn’t an NBA player who has a DUNK portfolio as impressive as Carters. Now Dr. J may have actually been a better dunker but being that…

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Seventh Woods is the next best thing to hit the basketball court (Video)/ LeBron James and Michael Jordan Pass the Torch

So I don’t know if you remember the hype behind LeBron James before he went pro during his high school years, but I most definitely do. He was the next Michael Jordan, and at this moment he is living up to it… well not exactly, but you get my point. And some might argue that he is. Either way, it is only a matter of time until someone else comes along who will dominate just like MJ and LJ… well I think I found him. His name is Seventh Woods…

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LeBron James vs Dwight Howard and Larry Bird vs Michael Jordan “The Showdow” 1993 and 2010 McDonalds Commercial’s/ Business 101 – Throwback Post Video

It’s scary to think this McDonald’s commercial was about 20 years ago, where has all the time gone?!? Larry Bird had just retired (1991-1992 season due to back problems) when these were filmed and released, while MJ was still going strong… so why not have one of the greatest rivalries in the NBA go at it head to head once more. McDonald’s definitely took full advantage of it, and why wouldn’t they if they have the money to do so, their a business and they want they worlds most famous…

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NIKE Air Jordan 11 (XI) Retro Concord (2011) Basketball Shoes / Life After Basketball Interview / ‘Driven From Within’ Book / Business 101

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NIKE Air Jordan 11 (XI) Retro Concord (2011) Basketball Shoes… So the new Jordan’s just came out last night and some people were going crazy for the New throwback shoes. I mean people literally got ran over by folks trying to get a pair for Christmas or to start 2012. So I applaud Jordan for being able to keep his name alive and well in-demand. Still the best basketball player of ALL TIME, I’m not surprised about his continued success. First check out this video of the Christmas frenzy from…

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Kendrick Lamar “Michael Jordan” The Reel Ace Live Edition / West Coast Meets the East Coast

Kendrick Lamar “Michael Jordan” The Reel Ace Live Edition… Yea something exclusively for my followers! Kendrick Lamar was in town last week, performing over at the Middle East in Cambridge. I was there and able to not only film his set, but also get a quick lil interview in before they bounced back to Cali. But this is just a preview of what to expect. KL had the whole place rocking hard! Here’s Kendrick Lamar performing “Michael Jordan”… Enjoy~

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LeBron James/ Peyton Manning/ Choke Artist/ 2011

What does Peyton Manning and LeBron James have in common? Aside from the obvious like being among the best currently playing in their specific profession…you give up? As of right now, despite me being a LJ fan, they’re both the biggest chokes! Now I think this statement will go both ways in terms of feedback, but lets be honest, despite their success neither athlete can seem to seal the deal. Their the greatest successful losers… if that makes sense hah. Peyton Manning is the biggest choke because he has continued…

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Michael Jordan Responds to Lebron James / Tom Hinueber Mash Up / ESPN LeBron Special / UNOFFICIAL Commercial / Nike “Rise” / Nike “Maybe”

Michael Jordan or Lebron James… who’s commercial is better? by Adam Ace Spencer When Lebron Jame’s first came out with his Nike Basketball Commercial,“RISE” (ITS DOWN BELOW BUT KEEP READING), I was pretty impressed. I thought the commercial was shot well, edited well, and the context and content of what LJ was sayin, was on point. Had some humor but was serious. Recently their has been all this hype and attention about “jordans response” to LJ’s Rise commercial… so if we’re gonna talk about who’s commercial is better you gotta…

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