Timbaland Interview with Complex BLUEPRINT– Revolutionizing R&B and Hip Hop

2018 Timbaland Interview Blueprint Complex Facts Exclusive

Timbaland speaks with Complex in the BLUEPRINT series about his life and career as a music producer. From the beginning with Missy Elliot and Jodeci to Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, this is one of the GOATs speaking about his life and many of the hit records that have been playing in the background of our lives. And don’t forget to watch the video here so that you can use the interactive features such as the menu and buttons. Follow on IG Timbaland ~ Ace Spencer

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Poo Bear Interview with Complex BLUEPRINT – A Songwriter and His Journey


Finishing 2017 with this Poo Bear interview from Complex Hustle’s BluePrint series. As you’ll hear in this interview, he is responsible for writing 112’s 2001 smash record Peache’s and Cream along with a ton of other records that he rarely got credit for. Despite this, it didn’t stop him from going hard and continuing to work towards his goals. Clearly he’s talented but as you hear Poo Bear speak about his journey you’ll see that he was incredibly passionate and humble. And now that his record with Skrillex “Would You Ever” has taken…

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“TRY HARD(ER)” Empowerment Documentary by Dante Luna

Dante Luna Try harder documentary at fenway park boston celtics comic con wrestler actors wwf wwe ninja turtles power rangers boston massachusetts usa empowerment

Boston video producer and filmmaker Dante Luna has blessed us with this dope empowerment documentary called TRY HARD (ER) which is meant to do exactly what it sounds like, to help motivate you to try harder. Building self-confidence is incredibly important if you want to be successful so Dante has interviewed various people including celebrities, actors, entertainers, indie filmmakers and politicians while continuing his journey of photographing all 50 states of the United States of America.   Thus far Dante has visited 37 states so this 80-minute documentary has tons of…

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LeBron James is the Only Player to Average a Triple-Double in the NBA Finals | Golden State Warriors Win 2016-2017 NBA Championships

LeBron James First Player to Average a Triple Double in NBA Finals Cleveland Cavs Golden State Warriors 2017 28 points 29 39 41 31 FIRST PLAYER NBA FINALS SERIES HISTORY FACTS ESPN FOX SPORTS NEWS record Michael Jordan

I am a Michael Jordan fan but I’m continuing to sway towards LeBron James as he continues to prove himself playing against teams like the Golden State Warriors. Now that Golden State has won the 2017 NBA Championships over the Cleveland Cavaliers I think most people are going to say the discussion and debate over Jordan vs James is over. Well, I’d disagree and say things are only heating up. I’ll do a post comparing the two now that the season is over but one key difference between LeBron James and…

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“Color of Reality” Dance Movement Official Video By Jon Booqz and Alexa Meade with Lil Buck

Halloween, that one day that is acceptable for anyone to put on makeup and dress and act however they like. Well I know this wasn’t meant for Halloween and while the dancing and art to cinematography and music are all dope, this is also so accurate and real that its scary.  C O L O R – O F – R E A L I T Y Combining my perspective-bending 2D/3D painting with the movement artistry of Jon Boogz & Charles Riley aka Lil Buck to speak to contemporary social issues. Short film written/directed/choreographed…

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DEE-1 “the UnDefeated” Theme Song Official Music Video / The Undefeated Website Brought to you by ESPN

I love this. I have so much respect for the brother Dee-1, so it was especially dope to see this premiere on ESPN. Then as I looked into it, theundefeated.com is actually owned by ESPN, which should drastically help this video and the actual website with getting more exposure. The Undefeated site will help to explore the intersection of race, sports and culture, which doesn’t happen enough so I’m glad to see that ESPN is making an effort to create some traction in this area. And Dee-1 is literally the…

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Keeping Your Eyes on the Prize and Giving it Your All/ UFC Fighter Kongo Won’t Stay Down – Video

Feel like you got knocked down and need some motivation, well look no further. This UFC fighter, Cheick Kongo, is a great example and inspiration of taking a hit and getting back up. I mean not only did he take one hit and get knocked down, but he took a nice little beating when he was down. While it appeared to be a lost battle, especially with the additional commentating supporting the opponent Pat Barry, Kongo remained present in the moment and focused on the bigger picture… do not stay…

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Top 10 Rules for Success from Chris Gardner/ Business 101

With the first quarter of 2016 coming to an end, it’s time to look back at any goals or plans that you started for the new year… or any other previous goals for that matter. I thought these words of wisdom from Chris Gardner would be some fuel for the fire to help motivate you on this fine Sunday afternoon. Will Smith acted as Chris Gardner in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, which I would also suggest seeing if you still haven’t. Truly inspiring and motivational to say the…

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Exquisite Zombies “Stampede” Dance Video/ Sick postproduction to kick off 2016

Exquisite Zombies = Surrealist inspired filming method by which a collection of dance moves are visually assembled. Thus far, this is one of the best dance/ animation videos of the year. The dancers were ill, the music was sick, and the production was dope. Yak Films really delivered on this. So whether your looking to be entertained, want to get some inspiration for a personal project especially around adobe after effects, or simply looking for some new dance moves to bust for your next tinder date, you have come to…

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Man Builds Small Home for Homeless Women (Video) / Share The Good

Freddie Gray is the most recent black American to have his life taken at that hands of a police officer. Justice needs to be served. And the continued misrepresentations of the black community within the media doesn’t help. Only showing images of young black men rioting and acting like thugs, is what the media does best, we all know that. And of course they fail to focus on the young black men and women that were peacefully protesting. But there are many articles and videos out there that touch on…

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