Flying Lotus “Do The Astral Plane” Official Record

Flying Lotus’ record “Do The Astral Plane” was released back in 2010 well over a year before I started this blog but after posting his new record “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar, I knew I had to get some more of his music up here. This is such a Continue Reading

Chromeo feat. Toro y Moi “Come Alive” Official Music Video

So this is a new record that I’m diggin. Good vibes, funky and refreshing, this is the perfect record to kick things off on this snowy Febuarary morning. I honestly don’t know much about either of these artist but I like the chemistry they have together. It’s all about living Continue Reading

Oh Tebins “Tickle Parts” Official Record / Simplify Recordings

Oh Tebins “Tickle Parts” Official Record / Simplify Recordings… so this is a record that I stumbled across a little while back and have been meaning to post. A cool a$$ record I love it’s layout, real funky but heavy at the same time… take a listen my friends~

Flying Lotus “Zodiac Shit” Official Music Video / Trippy Video

Flying Lotus “Zodiac Shit” Official Music Video is actually a video that I’m just seeing for the first time. I heard the record a while back and always thought this would make a dope video… but nothing like this. I think the best word to describe this video is bonkers! Continue Reading

Addison Groove Project / Throwback Post / Funky Cool Vibe That Should Come Back Once More!!

So last night while over at my boy Nick’s place, we were listening to records we produced from literally about 10 years ago.  And I don’t know if he said it, or if it was in one of his songs but I remembered hearing Addison Groove Project. I honestly don’t Continue Reading