Dutch ReBelle “Supafly” Official Music Video

Dutch ReBelle SupaFly Music Video Boston Female Rapper Quality Images J.AS Productionz

Dutch ReBelle just dropped her official music video for “Supafly” and as usual, I gotta keep it real. It’s so WACKKKK how short this record and video are, lol. A dope track and video this will have you wanting to roll up and get supafly. And now that cannabis is legal here in Boston, go hit up Patriots Care or Revolutionary Clinics for some fire and get lit to this. Follow on IG Dutch ReBelle ~ Ace Spencer

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STL GLD “Feels Like Home” Official Music Video featuring Dutch ReBelle, Tigerman WOAH, and Julie Rhodes

STL GLD Feels Like Home Music Video Boston Anthem Moe Pope The Arcitype Dutch Reblle Tigerman Woah julie rhodes massachusetts the record company project

To help get things started on this beautiful Boston Monday morning I thought I’d bless yall with this new STL GLD record and video “Feels Like Home” which has Boston written all over it. Almost taking it back to the first time that we all heard Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C., Moe Pope and producer The Arcitype made some magic on this rock n roll infused hip hop record. Featuring Dutch ReBelle on the second verse, we also get more of that Boston rock sound from Tigerman WOAH and Julie Rhodes throughout…

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Dutch ReBelle “Stripper” featuring 6ixLayne and Prince Smooth Official Audio

Dutch Rebelle Stripper 6ixLayne Prince Smooth Music Video Official Audio Record New Boston Rap and HIp Hop music Lit New England Massachusetts Music Dope Fire Banger Future Magos

Happy Friday yall. Dutch ReBelle decided to bless us just in time for summer with this new heat. Featuring Boston rappers 6ixLayne and Prince Smooth, this is that record you have on blast tonight while you turn up with shorty or in the club getting lit. Well, tonight I’m supposed to be chillin with a little shorty I met the other night so I might have to get this playing to help set the tone for the evening ~ Follow on Instagram Dutch ReBelle ~ 6ixLayne ~ Prince Smooth ~ Welcome…

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Chasey Peralta ‘Man Down’ EP / “Drive(n)”, “Clarity” and “Traffic(King)”

 So Chasey Peralta just dropped the ‘Man Down’ EP and I gotta say, he came correct. Clearly Boston get’s love – Boston Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins and the Patriots, but it has never really been given the respect it deserves when we are talking rap and hip hop. An artist like Chasey might be among the few to help switch things up a bit. With a cover picture of what looks like John F. Kennedy smoking, the ‘Man Down’ EP has one particular record called “Drive(n)” that uses an original recording…

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Dutch ReBelle featuring Fred the Godson “Stop It” Official Music Video/ ‘ReBelle Diaries’ Mixtape

Some new heat from Boston’s own Dutch ReBelle,”Stop It” is for y’all haters out there. Produced by Haywire MusiQ, y’all need to just take it for what it is, she’s doing her thing… so just stop it! And with the help of Fred the Godson, its clear women aren’t the only people out here hating. This record is off of her new album ‘ReBelle Diaries’ which just dropped a week ago. I haven’t had time to listen to the whole thing but I have heard “Yen” ft. Millyz and “Some…

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J The S “Anyways” Official Music Video / “Don’t Listen” ft. Easy Money, Dutch ReBelle, Amadeus and Young Rich Download

J The S “Anyways” Official Music Video directed by Court Dunn J The S “Dont Listen” ft Ea$y Money, Dutch ReBelle, Amadeus, Young Rich is a record packed with talented artist… download it for FREE HERE!

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Cyann Ribeiro / Model / Scrumptious

So as much as I love women, I haven’t given yall ladies any love. I mean its cool if you bump Lady Gaga or Britney Spears, but that’s just not my cup of tea. So I’ll be featuring more female artist like Letia Larok, Dutch ReBelle… and the beautiful and talented model Cyann Ribeiro. Down to earth and just cool, she’s actually a talented singer and actress too! But for now, admire the the beauty from these modeling pictures~

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Leve, Kample (Get Up, Stand Up) A Letter to Haiti/ Dutch ReBelle/ Directed by Joe’l Gonzalez/ 2011

Here’s the Official Music Video of “LEVE, KAMPLE” (Get Up, Stand UP) A Letter to Haiti, from Dutch ReBelle, which is off of her mixtape ‘Beauty vs the Beast’.  Yet again she continues to define the definition of real hip hop. Emotionally driven, she speaks to the 3 million Haitians who were affected by the earthquake of 2010. The video was Directed by Joe’l Gonzalez Edited by Jovonie Houston Executive Produced by Dre Edmonds

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Dutch ReBelle; ‘Beauty vs the Beast’ / Famous Nobodies/ 2011

January 2011 – Week 1 A new artist for a new year~ Dutch ReBelle is a relatively new rapper from Boston who is killin the scene. I feel like there’s a new rapper coming out every other week but none of em are actually makin a buzz like Dutch. And lets keep it real, female rappers dont generally get all the credit they deserve. Well if you arent familiar with Dutch, get familiar~ Her new FREE mixtape ‘Beauty vs the Beast’ is full of bangers. Something for everyone, there are…

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