Damian Marley featuring Stephen Marley “Medication” Official Music Video

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Damn, I think the last record I had up here from Damian Marley was Welcome To Jamrock and that came out a while ago, so it’s a great time to have the Marley brothers bless us. And by brothers, I don’t mean black guys but his brother Stephen Marley who is featured on this record. Yes, they are both sons of the legendary Bob Marley. The timing of “Medication” is perfect since Cannabis is on the rise and top of mind for so many people in the world that are…

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Nas and Damian Marley’s “Nah Mean” Official Music Video *NEW

Nas and Damian Marley’s “Nah Mean” Official Music Video is off the album ‘Distant Relatives’, which has been out for a little while now. But this new video is a powerful but yet simple message… There’s still too much injustice, corruption and wrong doing. This video is pretty straight forward as you see two greats just walking , almost marching, among the people of the ghettos and slums… yea I love the record and I enjoyed the video as well~

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Nas and Damian Marley “Patience” Official Music Video / Distant Relatives / Good Music!

DISTANT RELATIVES Damian Marley and Nas collaborated on the record “Patience” and recently came out with the official music video. Its great when you have an ill record, but when the video is just as good… then thats whats up. Directed and shot by: NABIL.com Editor: Eric Greenburg Post/artwork: Gustavo & Clara Producer: Nabil add Prod: Kathleen Heffernan

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