Snoop Dogg Featuring Redman, Method Man & B-Real “Mount Kushmore” Official Music Video

Some brand new heat, this is a special treat that for my fellow Cannabis smokers to enjoy, “Mount Kushmore”. This is basically the weed anthem of 2017 which of course means you couldn’t have a “Mount Kushmore” without the top dog himself, Snoop Dogg. But I think this song’s lineup is more of ‘Rap’ Mount Kushmore instead of a general A-list which Snoop pretty much says in the song. That said, I don’t want to take anything away from Redman, Method Man, or B-Real of Cypress Hill, because all three of them clearly…

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Cousin Stizz featuring G Eazy “Neimans Barneys” Official Audio Track

Cousin Stizz G-Eazy Neimans Barneys official audio track music new rap hip hop

I know I just posted Cousin Stizz a day or two ago but as I mentioned those track’s aren’t brand new so I’m throwing this up since “Neimans Barneys” is hot out the oven. Featuring G-Eazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already starting to plan out the music video. I can picture it now, coast to coast shots showing love to both of their cities – Boston and Oakland. It’s dope to see cross-country collaborations and clearly for the rappers sake it’s a great way to be marketed to a new audience. To…

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Cousin Stizz “500 Horses” Official Music Video/ ‘One Night Only’ Mixtape Video Teaser

It’s always dope when I see rappers like Cousin Stizz starting to get national and international attention. At least 4 years ago, a friend or I’ll say a family member, connected Stizz and I since they thought that I might be able to help him with either some management or marketing and branding through my video work, sites, and the few connections I have. Well, fortunately, it was around the period of time that I had just decided to return to college to complete my undergrad so I had pretty…

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