Wiz Khalifa ‘Pre-Rolleds’ EP featuring Chevy Woods and Kris Hollis | “Duty Calls” and “Comment Creepin'” Official Audio Tracks


New music from Wiz Khalifa, the Pre-Rolleds EP just dropped this weekend and you should already know what to expect with the Taylor Gang leader. That West Coast chronic vibe, it starts off with the perfect smooth interlude to help set the tone as you roll up on this beautiful Sunday morning. And alongside Khalifa is his Taylor Gang fam, Chevy Woods and Kris Hollis, who bless two of the four tracks. But I’m assuming Wiz is either sitting on mad music or needed something to hold us over until he drops…

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Chevy Woods “Chi-Town” Official Music Video

Chevy Woods “Chi-Town” Official Music Video… new record and video that just dropped last week, I’m feeling this one. Cool chill record and video, something for those of you who enjoy rolling up something. So whether your just getting home from work or out of class, relax and kick back to this~

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Chevy Woods ft. Wiz Khalifa “The Cookout”

Chevy Woods ft. Wiz Khalifa “The Cookout” another new record for y’all. What you think this record is about? Laid-back and relaxin, just kickin it and blazin type of music…yea 420 is around the corner so its no wonder this just dropped. I’m sure a handful of other new smokin, weed related records are gonna be droppin… I wonder if Dr. Dre’s new album is still gonna drop on 420. I mean I heard it was than I heard it wasn’t… who knows, we’ll have to wait and see. Until…

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