Damian Marley featuring Stephen Marley “Medication” Official Music Video

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Damn, I think the last record I had up here from Damian Marley was Welcome To Jamrock and that came out a while ago, so it’s a great time to have the Marley brothers bless us. And by brothers, I don’t mean black guys but his brother Stephen Marley who is featured on this record. Yes, they are both sons of the legendary Bob Marley. The timing of “Medication” is perfect since Cannabis is on the rise and top of mind for so many people in the world that are…

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Massachusetts Finally Legalizes Cannabis, and I have the Perfect Music to help you Celebrate!

  Finally as of Wednesday, November 9th at 5:30am Massachusetts has decided to legalize Marijuana aka Mary Jane, and get lifted with other states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Similar legalization measures have passed in California, Nevada, and seemingly Maine. Arizona failed to legalize it for adult recreational use but they have it legalized for medicinal use. With 96% of the reporting in so far the results show us that 53.6% (1,672,320 votes) were in favor of legalizing it vs 46.6% (1,450,177 votes) opposed it. Here are some of…

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Bob Marley performing “Exodus” Cali / Throwback / Live Performances over Recordings

Bob Marley performing “Exodus” at Santa Barbara , California back in 1979. I more of a live set guy… although I do like autotune… yeaaa I LIKE autotune hah… but as much as the professionally mastered version makes a record sound “perfect”, seeing and hearing the artist perform live right before you… its just better. You get to really experience the emotions that were meant to be shown… instead of seeing a representation of what should be shown in what is generally threw another persons eyes. Check out this live…

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