Nipsey Hussle’s Grind To Open His Business; Marathon Clothing Store (Video)

Watch Nipsey Hussle Hustle Marathon Clothing Store Documentary Business 101 Rappers Entrepreneurs Grind Money Hustle Learn Take NOtes Jay z Diddy Dr Dre

With the release of new Tupac movie, All Eyez on Me I couldn’t help to think about the East Coast vs West Coast beef that derailed the hip hop culture 20 years ago. I mean, imagine how big Tupac and Biggie would be today if they were still alive or came together and joined forces to conquer the country from coast to coast. They would most likely be incredibly rich considering other top rap figures like Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Dr Dre among others. Today hip hop is worth well…

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Internet Video Marketing | Social Video Marketing Tips

Social video marketing tips for internet marketing strategies statistics 75 percent of internet traffic will be through from video content

While this video was technically created with all small business owners in mind, I think it’s fair to say that fitness professionals, trainers, and gym owners will be drawn to it the most based off of the video content used. I’ll be making a few more marketing videos that explain some of the marketing and video services that I offer but this is a good starting point. In 2017 and 2018 anyone with a website that wants to increase its chance to get more viewers should be using video content.…

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Instagram Social Experiment – Buying Fake Friends UPDATE / Business 101

Social Media Instagram Marketing and Promotions Tips

So umm,  about that 6-month update to my last Business post lol. Crazy to think that it’s already been a year since I started my Instagram Social Experiment where I purchased 500 followers for my Instagram page. You can read more about that experiment here, but basically, it worked for at least 3-4 months. I assumed Instagram would have cleaned them up and cleared them from my account after a few weeks but they were there for at least 4 months, I just failed to write an updated blog post.…

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Instagram Social Experiment – 500 “New” Friends / Business 101

And so the test begins. Some believe that it’s easier to get more followers when you already have a large following so I’m putting it to the test, to some degree. On my Instagram page I had about 400 followers and am curious to see if this little saying is true, at least in the Instagram world. For $7 I have purchased 500 followers. These are fake followers that do not comment or ‘like’ pictures or anything like that, they just boost your follower count up. So I’m doing this…

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Top 10 Rules for Success from Chris Gardner/ Business 101

With the first quarter of 2016 coming to an end, it’s time to look back at any goals or plans that you started for the new year… or any other previous goals for that matter. I thought these words of wisdom from Chris Gardner would be some fuel for the fire to help motivate you on this fine Sunday afternoon. Will Smith acted as Chris Gardner in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, which I would also suggest seeing if you still haven’t. Truly inspiring and motivational to say the…

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Financial Wellness Tips Around Filing Your Taxes Before the 2016 Deadline / Business 101

Sherry Jackson is an ex IRS agent who definitely knows a thing or two about getting the most of her money when dealing with taxes and attaining financial independence. Sherry certainly has a unique story, and one that I applaud her for, so I want to help her with spreading her insight that will help us with attaining financial independence. Now she isn’t a millionaire and this definitely isn’t a scheme or anything of the sort, but tips and suggestions that we should all be familiar with. In the webinar…

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NIKE Air Jordan 11 (XI) Retro Concord (2011) Basketball Shoes / Life After Basketball Interview / ‘Driven From Within’ Book / Business 101

Buy jordan shoes

NIKE Air Jordan 11 (XI) Retro Concord (2011) Basketball Shoes… So the new Jordan’s just came out last night and some people were going crazy for the New throwback shoes. I mean people literally got ran over by folks trying to get a pair for Christmas or to start 2012. So I applaud Jordan for being able to keep his name alive and well in-demand. Still the best basketball player of ALL TIME, I’m not surprised about his continued success. First check out this video of the Christmas frenzy from…

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Sounds Like Sprint Will Be Selling iPhone 4S with Unlimited Data Plan in October!!

Sounds Like Sprint Will Be Selling iPhone 4S with Unlimited Data Plan in October!!… Note the key word, SOUNDS… So its not confirmed yet but all signs are heading in that direction. I guess the only thing I’m thinking is, what took them so long? This would be the perfect business move for both companies! I bought an HTC Evo 4G which I love but I’ll be honest, this is exciting news simply for the use of the video camera, let alone all of its other special features. And than…

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Montel Williams Opens Up A High End Marijuana Shop / Business 101

Montel Williams Opens Up A High End Marijuana Shop / Business 101… So by now you should be well aware of Montel Williams leaving his TV show to truly make a difference for the people not only here in America, but all across the world. Making the most of having 17 years in the public view and clearly being aware of the importance of medical marijuana, his business spider man sense kicked in. Consulting for Abatin, this is his first dispensary but he plans on opening others across the country……

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Derrick Rose Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light Commercial – “9.8” over Big Sean “I Do It” OFFICIAL VIDEO

Derrick Rose Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light Commercial – “9.8” over Big Sean “I Do It” OFFICIAL VIDEO… damn I’m feelin this commercial for some reason… I think its the mix of shots between the Chicago city and his ill highlights, with the Big Sean track behind it… yea that was perfect… I don’t know how I feel about the shoes themselves… I can say that’s crazy light for basketball shoes… track shoes are in that ball park. But I wonder how the ankle support is… might have to go and…

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