The 20 Album: When a City Embraces You | “C.E.O” Official Music Video Big C.E.O. Red, Jimmy Cash and Big Smo

The 20 Album When A City Embraces You Big CEO Red Team 220 Boston Massachusetts Rap Hip Hop Frankie Wainwright Benjamin Carew Suge Avery Jimmy Cash Eryk 360 Mitchell Big Smo

New heat from Team 220, The 20 Album: When A City Embraces You just dropped and yall won’t be disappointed. Featuring some of Boston, Massachusetts biggest artist you’ll hear Big CEO Red, Frankie Wainwright, Jimmy Cash, Eryk 360 Mitchell, Benjamin Carew, Suge Avery, D Quest, Raw, Millyz, Smoke Bulga, Cyrus Deshield, Ahmir, and the late Big Smo. There are 20 records on here so there is something for everyone from “Life Line” and “Shots on the Block”, to “I’m the Man” and “Livin my Life”, or “My Time” and “Cruisin”, they could all appeal to different rap, hip hop, and even R&B fans. Yes, I said R&B because of records like “Strangers”, “Bad All by Myself”, and “Fly Away” among a few other records.

Other songs that I’m feeling include “Newbury St.”, “Certified G”, “My Time” and “Cash”. It’s always dope to see a project packed with such a broad variety of legit records and Big C.E.O. Red and Team 220 were able to pull it off with this. Check out the official music video for “C.E.O.” before listening to the album down below.

Listen to the full album.

And if you’re really feeling the album you can order it on iTunes or order your own CD through Amazon here.



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