Vintage Lee “Bless You” Official Music Video

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Vintage Lee is an up and coming Boston female rapper who is blazin up the game as you’ll hear on her new record “Bless You”. I briefly heard one of her other records about two or three weeks ago so this isn’t the first time that I’m hearing her but it is her premier on the site. I don’t even know how old she is but with a small number of female rappers running the hip hop industry including Young MA, Dej Loaf, Nicki Minaj, and Remy Ma, I think it’s fair to say that the timing is ripe for the picking.

“Bless You” is her first official music video so she makes sure to include some visuals of her rapping outside of Popeyes down on Martin Luther King Blvd in Roxbury, on the corner of Humboldt Ave in Dorchester at Claudia’s Market, to just kickin it and smoking a blunt on the front porch, making sure to rep her city of Boston. This is really our first look at Vintage Lee but also a glimpse of her upcoming project, PiMP, which is likely to come out later this year. Now my only other thought is, I wonder what Dutch Rebelle is cooking up these days?!? But check out Vintage Lee and let me know what you think down below ~

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Vintage Lee ~ Ace Spencer

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