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How could you not love Snoop Dogg?!? I mean really, a true OG Snoop Dogg just dropped the new official music video for his record “Revolution” which came out last year on his album COOLAID, but it was clearly overlooked. As Trump continues to clog the toilet, we’re seeing more and more race-related and police brutality incidents because of cell phones videos, police body cameras, dash cams, and general security and surveillance cameras, so the timing seems perfect for all Americans, but especially Black Americans, to be reminded that many of us are being oppressed in one form or another and that we need to come together to help bring about change. Because when it’s all said and done, our differences really only go skin deep and we’re all the same underneath the bs. But unlike the past, we can now capture these unfortunate events with our personal mobile devices and essentially document them on social media which allows the content to go viral if it’s worthy of it.

Snoop Dogg "Revolution" October London Official Music Video CoolAid Neva Left New The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Gil Scott Heron sequel response rap hip hop trump obama griot

So what really makes this song special, and many of my younger followers might not be familiar with Gill Scott-Heron, but this is almost a response or sequel to his powerful poem/ song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” which helped to document what Black Americans were feeling and experiencing in the 1960’s and 70’s. The media was and still is silent about too many social justice issues, but like I said, social media basically forces the media to speak about important issues as videos continue to pick up attention the more they get shared. But alright, halftime of the NBA finals is almost over so I gotta keep it moving … LMAO they literally just showed Snoop and E40 at halftime dancing on the sideline, funny timing.

Snoop’s newest album Neva Left came out last month.

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Snoop Dogg ~ October London ~ Ace Spencer

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