Ice Cube “Only One Me” Official Audio Record | ‘Death Certificate’ 25th-Anniversary Reissue

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I absolutely love how this brother Ice Cube is still sick on the mic despite doing family movies like Are We There Yet. I mean, how many rappers could start off with a career as a member of NWA (Niggaz Wit Attitudes), make some children movies, and still be in a position where they can drop some new politically conscious music that speaks out against the injustices that Black Americans are experiencing, not many. Matter of fact I only know of one and that’s Ice Cube.

“Only One Me” is one of three new records that will appear on his 25th-anniversary reissue of Death Certificate which was actually originally recorded after the Rodney King Police beating and LA riots back in 1991. Now, with cell phone cameras, body cameras, and police dashcams, we have video footage of police beating and killing black Americans every other day on social media and in the news so the timing of this is perfect. On this track, Cube is basically reminding the world of his place in the rap game, “I showed Tupac how to keep it gangsta, I showed Biggie Smalls how to release his anger. Who came before me? Melle Mel, Ice T, King Tee, RKS and the homey Chuck D”.

And I don’t want to put words in Cube’s mouth, but I’d imagine a line like “So what, we all from the gutter. We all had to struggle if you had a black mother” was going after rappers like Drake who brag about supposedly starting from the bottom. Alright maybe that’s a stretch especially since Drakes mother is white but I think yall get my point lol. But I’m glad to see Ice Cube still holding down the west coast like this ~

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  1. […] Anniversary Edition of his legendary album Death Certificate. Similar to his last record “Only One Me“, you can hear Cube just keeping it real and making that protest music that rap music grew […]

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