Ice Cube “Good Cop Bad Cop” Official Music Video | Death Certificate

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Another new music video from Ice Cube, “Good Cop Bad Cop” is the second new video to drop from his 25th Anniversary Edition of his legendary album Death Certificate. Similar to his last record “Only One Me“, you can hear Cube just keeping it real and making that protest music that rap music grew off of as a voice for the black community that was and still is struggling. This record is basically calling out all of the Sheriff David Clarke’s out there, which is needed because most of yall reading this probably have absolutely no idea who he is, which is unfortunate since he’s one of many rotten apples out there who need to be called out for their bs. And I’m not saying all cops are bad, I love and respect all good cops. It’s pretty simple, regardless of your race you need to do your job right but especially as a black cop that is only sitting there and watching, living by the blue code since they have their badge on.

Which brings me to one other important thought, new rappers take note. This record won’t go to number 1 like some catchy Lil Yachty or Drake song but it will be among the records that people listen to, study, and examine in another 5,10, or 20 years. So many artists are only concerned about partying and living for the moment, which I clearly get since I bump some Drake and other similar rappers, but you also need to think about the impact that this music has and what it’s truly meant for. As a modern day griot, Ice Cube is documenting what America is dealing with right now in 2017 under President Donald Trump who followed our first black president, Barack Obama.

Yes, our country has made a lot of progress but let’s not act like this blue-code bs doesn’t still exist, I mean none of this is a figment of our imagination. It drives me nuts how some of my closest friends who are white basically don’t believe me when I say things are worse than they think. But then there are studies like this that show how police act towards black people and it ends the debate. So I don’t mean to drag this on but the fact that Ice Cube can release a 25th-anniversary album means he did something right in the past and he’s essentially replicating that same move and staying relevant by rapping about current problems and issues in the black community instead of pints of lean or popping pills all day. This is that modern day protest music from a modern day griot.

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Ice Cube ~ Ace Spencer

“Good Cop Bad Cop” Lyrics

Good cop, good cop rollin’ wit that bad cop
What’cha doing boy? Turn in that blood clot
Buck shots they fly through drug spots
Robots can give a damn who the fuck shot
Clean cop, clean cop fuckin’ wit that dirty cop
Don’t act like yo ass never heard of that
Clean cop, clean cop rollin’ wit that mean cop
Still tryna act proud as a peacock
You know that mean cop might need a detox
Mothafucka tried to blow me out me Reboks
But I swing like Jack and Bean stalk
Chop ‘em down when these bitches try to lock me down
Hit the ground hit the turf
Warp the earth
Cube kidnap your mind, Patty Hearst
Bust a verse that’a make yo ass hit reverse
Kill the curse that was placed on the universe
West Coast War Lord blacker then the Black Knight
Fuck a black and white when they ain’t actin’ right
Good cop, good cop filling out your report
Bad cop asking you to distort
Bad cop asking you to lie in court
Send another young brother up north
Send another young sista off course
While these mothafuckas chill on the golf course

Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop
Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop

Lazy cop fuckin’ wit that crazy cop
Always bragging, ‘bout the new case he got
Do or die cop with the suicide cop
Tell the truth cop wit that – “you a lie, cop!”
Are you fuckin high cop? Don’t even try cop
Ain’t no mothafuckin’ drugs up in my spot
All you find in my closet is the high tops
And my mothafuckin’ tickets to the skybox
Hold up nigga, I’m a rider
You’s a roll-up, yep the controller
Make me mad that’s when I get swole up
The Incredible Hulk is bipolar
Come out the cuffs knock off the rust
Throw my hands up you still wanna bust
The Trojan horse is full of excessive force
When they try to get aggressive niggas off the porch

Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop
Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop

Good cop, good cop, where is your dignity?
Where’s your empathy?
Where is your sympathy?
Bad cop, where’s your humanity?
Good cop, is that just a fantasy?
Hell on that nigga, snitch on that bitch
Truth be told, mothafuck the blue code
Fuck the po-po actin’ like Deebo
Already know Craig’ll let the brick go
Black Lives Matter is not chit chatter
Cause all they wanna do, is scatter brain matter
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
A nine is terrible in your face
The mace has a terrible fuckin’ taste
The pen is a terrible fuckin’ place
The kings all hate the fuckin’ ace
The judge sabotaged my fuckin’ case
Racist motherfucker

Black police showin’ out for the white cop
White police showin’ out for the black cop

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