Damian Marley featuring Stephen Marley “Medication” Official Music Video

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Damn, I think the last record I had up here from Damian Marley was Welcome To Jamrock and that came out a while ago, so it’s a great time to have the Marley brothers bless us. And by brothers, I don’t mean black guys but his brother Stephen Marley who is featured on this record. Yes, they are both sons of the legendary Bob Marley. The timing of “Medication” is perfect since Cannabis is on the rise and top of mind for so many people in the world that are starting to rely on it to help treat their illnesses. And yet, for some reason, Republicans that are running the country continue to act like it is as bad as heroin or crack. GTFOHWTBS! Now I’m not going to say it’s all Republicans because Obama was our president and nothing happened under his presidency either, so clearly something is wrong with our political system when they won’t recognize how powerful this plant is which is why we need more music that speaks about the benefits of this beautiful natural plant. Actually, MassCanRev has some pretty good information about the medical benefits of cannabis especially as it pertains to my fellow Massachusetts neighbors and current laws. But yea, I love me some reggae and this is the perfect song to have on blast while you roll up on this beautiful Saturday morning~

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Damian Marley ~ Stephen Marley ~ Ace Spencer

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