AZ “Save Them” Official Music Video ft. Raekwon and Prodigy of Mobb Deep | Protest Music

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Yo AZ went Minister Farrakhan on em! Not even sure if anything else needs to be said after that because this is dope. To compliment this reemerging Protest Music movement, more and more black rappers are starting to come forward with making music that speaks to the current state of Black America in 2017. If I was to pick any public or notable figure that truly loves black people and is willing to call out other black people who sell out or turn an eye to a racist establishment, it would be Minister Farrakhan. So not only is AZ saying ‘I’m back’, but he’s reminding black people as well as other rappers, that you gotta stay true to yourself, to the game, and to our people. I get it, you gotta eat and take care of your family. But do you gotta completely sell out in order to do so? And other rappers who always proclaim that they’re just having fun, which is cool too, need to understand that life can’t only be about fun and games especially when us Black Men are the role models for our Black boys. So if you couldn’t tell, I’m feelin this and am glad to see all three of these legends still going hard.

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AZ ~ Raekwon ~ Prodigy ~ Ace Spencer

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