Joyner Lucas ‘508-507-2209’ Debut Studio Mixtape Release – Listen Here | “Keep It 100” Official Music Video

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Listen to Joyner Lucas New album (508)5072209 and watch the music videos for Winter Blues just like you keep it 100


There really haven’t been too many rappers, especially local New England cats, that truly have me looking forward to hearing their new albums or mixtapes but the King of Worcester, Massachusetts definitely had me waiting for his debut studio mixtape (508)-507-2209. With some production and mixing from the homie at Nox Studio on Ultrasound, along with featured appearances from the dirty south’s iconic Mystikal on the record “FYM“, Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra on “Way To Go” , and London’s biggest female rapper Stephion Don on “Look What You Made Me Do“, Joyner attempts to get some other talented artist in the mix while ensuring that we know this is his show and that this is only just the beginning.

“Just Because” sounds like they sampled one of my favorite records ever, the Outkast legendary record Jazzy Bella which he’s able to do in a way that makes this his own record which clearly isn’t easy to do so props to him for even trying it. But then again, after that Mask On remix, I don’t think this brother would shy away from trying to bless any original tracks. Other records that I’m feelin include “Lovely”, “We Gon Be Alright”, “I Need More”, “Sorry”, “Just Like You“, and I’ll be updating this post with the new video for “Keep It 100” which is set to drop either later today or tomorrow.

Now I’m sure some dudes will say I’m sweating this brother but I’d say it’s just called respect and being man enough to recognize talent when it’s due. Am I little bias because I’m also from Massachusetts, maybe, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a talented rapper who has put out some top quality music with some bangers as you’ll hear on (508)-507-2209. And to even back up how lit this brother is, he’ll be rapping at this year’s A3C annual music festival down in Atlanta alongside hip hop heads like Nas, Ghostface Killah, Just Blaze and many others. So when I say ‘Welcome To Beantown‘ this is what I mean! Not to say all of the rappers and musicians in Boston and throughout Massachusetts are this lit, but we have top notch rappers like this who still aren’t getting their due recognition. I mean honestly, what the heck is going on with XXL?!? But let’s not get distracted, you’re gonna want to listen to this and mark it as a milestone not only for Joyner Lucas but for the state as we continue making progress with putting Mass rap and hip-hop music on the map. #Respect big homie.

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Joyner Lucas ~ Mystical ~ Snoh Aalegra ~  Ace Spencer

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