AZ “Save Them” Official Music Video ft. Raekwon and Prodigy of Mobb Deep | Protest Music

AZ Save Them Raekwon Prodigy Mobb Deep Official Music Video Minister Farrakhan Black Pride Black Empowerment Black Panthers Black Lives Matter Protest Music Rap Hip Hop New

Yo AZ went Minister Farrakhan on em! Not even sure if anything else needs to be said after that because this is dope. To compliment this reemerging Protest Music movement, more and more black rappers are starting to come forward with making music that speaks to the current state of Black America in 2017. If I was to pick any public or notable figure that truly loves black people and is willing to call out other black people who sell out or turn an eye to a racist establishment, it…

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LeBron James is the Only Player to Average a Triple-Double in the NBA Finals | Golden State Warriors Win 2016-2017 NBA Championships

LeBron James First Player to Average a Triple Double in NBA Finals Cleveland Cavs Golden State Warriors 2017 28 points 29 39 41 31 FIRST PLAYER NBA FINALS SERIES HISTORY FACTS ESPN FOX SPORTS NEWS record Michael Jordan

I am a Michael Jordan fan but I’m continuing to sway towards LeBron James as he continues to prove himself playing against teams like the Golden State Warriors. Now that Golden State has won the 2017 NBA Championships over the Cleveland Cavaliers I think most people are going to say the discussion and debate over Jordan vs James is over. Well, I’d disagree and say things are only heating up. I’ll do a post comparing the two now that the season is over but one key difference between LeBron James and…

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