Damian Marley featuring Stephen Marley “Medication” Official Music Video

Damian and Stephen Marley Medication Official Music Video Reggae Bob Marley Legand New Cannabis Protest Music Medical Marijuana Legalize It Trump USA World International Jamaica

Damn, I think the last record I had up here from Damian Marley was Welcome To Jamrock and that came out a while ago, so it’s a great time to have the Marley brothers bless us. And by brothers, I don’t mean black guys but his brother Stephen Marley who is featured on this record. Yes, they are both sons of the legendary Bob Marley. The timing of “Medication” is perfect since Cannabis is on the rise and top of mind for so many people in the world that are…

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Ice Cube “Good Cop Bad Cop” Official Music Video | Death Certificate

Ice Cube Good Cop Bad Cop Official Music Vudei Record New Music Gangsta Music NWA Death Certificate 25th Anniversary Fuck the Police Corruption 2017 2018 obama trump history facts griot

Another new music video from Ice Cube, “Good Cop Bad Cop” is the second new video to drop from his 25th Anniversary Edition of his legendary album Death Certificate. Similar to his last record “Only One Me“, you can hear Cube just keeping it real and making that protest music that rap music grew off of as a voice for the black community that was and still is struggling. This record is basically calling out all of the Sheriff David Clarke’s out there, which is needed because most of yall…

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Mike Will Made-It “Perfect Pint” Official Music Video Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, Rae Sremmurd | We Trippy Mane

Mike Will Made-It Perfect Pint Official Music Video Best trippy video 2017 Gucci mane Kendrick Lamar Rae Sremmurd rap hip hop 2017

Whoa, the latest music video from Mike Will Made-It for “Perfect Pint” is trippy as hell. To my knowledge, these brothers don’t be messing with acid or LSD but you might think they do from these visuals. Featuring Gucci Mane as an astronaut who is basically out of this world and Kendrick Lamar who is just riding in his own lane above everyone else, I definitely had to make sure that I got this video up here. From the raining prescription pills and cups full of lean, you already know people…

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