Token “New Problems” Official Music Video

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Brand new music video from the little homie Token, I was about to throw on some Gary Vee while I ate lunch when I saw this video posted on the home section of my Youtube page so of course, I had to check it out. Similar to Joyner Lucas, Token continues to impress me whether it’s with the visuals within his videos or the storytelling in his songs. And I was reading some ridiculous comments the other day – just because he’s white and can spit doesn’t mean he’s biting Eminem’s style. Secondly, some of yall act like it’s a bad thing to be compared to Eminem! So evidently he’s doing something right if his name is in the same sentence as one of the GOAT. But lol, some dudes are just oblivious to talent and want to categorize everyone. While there are clearly some similarities I wouldn’t say he’s copying Em or anyone else. So add these haters to the list of new problems along with fake ballers with connections, overcoming family obstacles, and all these women that tend to get a little attached and obsessive.

If you’re feelin this record you can purchase it here.

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Token ~ Ace Spencer

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