Masego “Navajo” Live Video Recording | ‘Colors’ Series

Masego Navajo Official Music Video A Colors Show Germany Soul Jazz Hip Hop New Fresh Dope Music

So I don’t get why there isn’t one American platform that hosts dope artist like Masego and this smooth jazzy hip hop sound. And maybe there is but I definitely haven’t found it yet. And to those who stumbled across this post looking for such a site, I apologize that I can’t offer you a solution since my site is definitely all over the place lol. That said, I am going to be following this brother Masego on Youtube and Instagram, as well as the Germany media site “Colors” which filmed this live recording session, and I’ll make more of an effort to post other dope relevant content. But listen to this record from Masego, he reminds me of a young Raphael Saadiq, which is exactly what the culture needs, more legit and talented artist who can offer some fresh soulful vibes instead of all this mumble jumble ish. Just press play and enjoy ~

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Masego ~ Ace Spencer

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