Joyner Lucas “Mask On” Video and Remix | Future “Mask Off” Official Music Video

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I know yall still remember that Joyner Lucas Panda Freestyle from a year ago when he spazzed out on the Desiigner record, well it looks like he’s making it an annual tradition now. This year’s 2017 freestyle is over the Future “Mask Off” record that has been blowing up the radio and as usual, Joyner went ham. There are two key things to recognize. 1, this track is lit. He’s basically going after all the industry cats, but especially Logic. Now I’m not a big Logic fan, I respect his hustle and grind but I think he’s straight so to Joyner’s point, there is no comparison between them. So I gotta look more into this beef between them cause I’m not even familiar with it. If you know about it comment down below.

So I’m not even sure which freestyle is better and would have to go back and listen to the Panda record after actually breaking this new track down. All I know is that he doesn’t want to be confused for Logic, Lil Yachty, or any other generic rapper out here just doing what everyone else is doing and mumbling in half of their songs. No lean, ecstasy, or Percocet like 80% of the rap songs on the radio and I respect that. And peep how he ended the record with a complex fairy tale nursery rhyme almost as a way to poke fun of what these new dudes are doing.

Also, take note of how a small investment can make a world of difference when it comes to marketing and how you promote yourself. I’ll write a post on this where I’ll really dive into it but usually with an audio track, most musicians only post a still photograph… Joyner didn’t. Like I said, I’ll write a post that touches on this more but it really does make a world of a difference.

At the end of the day, Future and everyone else has supposedly taken the mask off so Joyner is putting it on and killing the game on that Jason, Friday the 13th ish~

And if you want that quick refresher on the original record and verse from Future, here it is the Official Music Video. Still fire, but it’s always dope to hear remixes and see what other talented rappers can do over the same record.


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